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Makronisos – Kea – Sounio

Sailing escapes to the Golden Sceneries of Greece

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When one sails from Lavrion to the island of Kea much of the journey is spent going around a long barren island .The later history of Makronissos has eclipsed the island’s significance in ancient times, for Macronissos was the place of refuge for the beautiful Helen when the Trojan War broke out.


Kea island, which is also known as Tzia, sits in the Aegean sea, south of Attica and belongs to the Cyclades group of islands. Kea doesn’t have the little whitewashed houses and blue domed churches of its neighbors, but it is characterized by earthy tones and elegant architecture. The capital of Kea island is Ioulida, a beautiful village, which emits a relaxing vibe, thanks to its traditional architecture and car ban! In Ioulida, you’ll find a Medieval castle, a vestige from the Venetian era and the Archaeological Museum of Ioulida.


The temple of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea, dominates the southernmost tip of Attica, where the horizon meets the Aegean Sea. Perched on the craggy rocks of Cape Sounio the temple is enveloped in myth and historic facts dated from antiquity until the present times.


Transfer with a RIB to Makronissos

Arrival at Makronissos for a swim in  green waters

Transfer from Makronissos to Kea

For the next 4,5 hours you will visit the beautiful  Kea

Transfer from Kea to Sounion for the Sunset

Enjoy a sunset with a spectacular view of Poseidon temple

Transfer with the RIB back to the Olympic Marine

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