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Petalioi – Karystos

Sailing escapes to the Golden Sceneries of Greece

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Greek beaches that cover over 13.676 km are the pole of attraction for the majority of tourists that visit Greece. It is a known fact that in the area of southern Evia, beaches are well known not only of the territory’s but also of the sea bed’s morphology.

The cluster of Petalioi , a group which consists of nine small islands is just opposite the port, bearing little resemblance to the rest beaches of the southern Euboean gulf. Petalioi capture the visitors’ eye with the diversity of colours and exotic beaches.

It is not coincidental that they ‘ve been chosen as the retreats of greek ship-owners.
They were formed by the sinking of nearby land and the eruption of waves.
The islands are accessible only by boat.


Karystos is a small coastal town, on the greek island of Euboea.

You can enjoy your day visiting :

The Venetian fortress of “Bourtzi” – Arabs used to call the coastwise outworks that they built to protect the entrance of the port) is located in an area of 400 cm on the eastern side of the town.It is built with marbles and limestones in an hexagonal horseshoe shape .It is thought that it was constructed in the mid 13th century by Frank and Venice dominants.

The ruins of the Venetian Castle named “Castello Rosso” – In the location of the castle as it is today, a fortress was built so that the residents of Karystos back in 1030 A.D. could protect themselves from the bloodthirsty pirates that devastated the Aegean. It is said that it was named after the Indian red color of its walls. It became the apple of discord of several conquerors and played an important role in the history of the city.

A  small museum hosted by the Yokaleion Cultural Centre, featuring collections of Hellenistic and Roman era, sculptures and pottery.

Μake sure to sample the unique dishes typical of Karystos. Local Specialties just as “Tiganopsomo” (Crispy and thin fried bread stuffed with feta), “Goglies” (home made pasta), “Kleftiko” Lamb stew cooked in clay pot, Home made sausages with savory and of course don’t forget to buy “Thyme Honey” which is one of the best you will find in Greece.


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Arrival at Petalious for a swim in  green waters

Transfer from Petalious to Karystos

For the next hours you will visit the beautiful  Karystos

Transfer from Karystos, back to Rafina

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