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Poros – Hydra

Sailing escapes to the Golden Sceneries of Greece

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Greece’s well-kept secret is situated in the southwest of the Saronic Gulf, opposite the Peloponnese.  Although a small island, its history, sights, and beaches compensate all visitors. At the romantic cove of Love Bay, you can actually swim under the lush pine trees. In the north part of the island, there are the ruins of Poseidon’s Temple, which were built in 520 BC.


Widely considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Hydra makes up part of the Saronic Islands. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this stunning little paradise is that there are no cars or motor vehicles on the island, aside from garbage trucks and ambulances. The main method of transportation here are the delightful mules and donkeys. Its rustic beauty has attracted world-famous musicians like Leonard Cohen, celebrities like Sophia Loren and travelers of all kind who seek inspiration and never end up leaving. It’s fascinating history began in the 18th century when Hydra was incredibly prosperous because of its commercial fleet which traded to countries like Spain, France, and America.


Transfer with a RIB to Poros Island

Arrival at Poros island

For the next 3 hours you will visit the beautiful Poros

Transfer with  RIB to Hydra

For the next 3,5 hours you will visit the beautiful Hydra

Transfer with the RIB back to the Olympic Marine

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