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Makronisos – Kea

Sailing escapes to the Golden Sceneries of Greece

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Like a sun-drenched memory tormented by dark secrets, the blue of the Aegean is flecked with black traces of its past (dictatorship). It has been estimated that by the time the camp closed for good in 1961, over 100.000 people had suffered on Makronisos for their ideas, for their dignity. The island is marked by it’s memory … Then history turned a page and the island of torment transformed into place of joy. In mythology the island is named after Fair Helen, who stopped off here on her way to Troy. We will stop for a swim in this uninhabited island for approximately one hour.


Leaving behind us Makronisos, we will continue to Kea. An island of myth and tradition. In the Early Bronze Age a settlement appears at Agia Eirini on Agios Nikolaos bay, one of the largest natural harbours in the Mediterranean. Settlements inhabitants were clearly influenced by the Minoan civilization. There were four cities in the island. Two cities in the West : Korissos (the modern –day port) and Poiiessa, one in the East :Karthaia and a fourth : Ioulis on the site of present-day Chora. This stone isle, which Man has literally bent to his will with countless stone walls and terraces, is still marked by its uninterrupted inhabitation since the Neolithic the forest of royal oaks which covers a large part of its inland and eastern sections.


Transfer with a RIB to Makronissos

Arrival at Makronissos for a swim in  green waters

Transfer from Makronissos to Kea

For the next hours you will visit the beautiful  Kea

Transfer with the RIB back to the Olympic Marine


After your visit to our office for the necessary procedure in our base at Olympic Marine, we will start our cruise head to Makronisos. We will stop there to dive into the idyllic blue waters enjoying sunbathing. After one hour we will depart for the island of Kea where within thirty minutes we will anchor to Vroskopos bay, extremely popular, even though mostly unknown. Well-hidden, if coming from inland it can only be reached by a winding beaten path but it is a struggle to get through. This sheltered bay faces north. There is a glorious white beach at the vertex of the bay. The water is crystal clear! There, we will have time to swim, snorkeling ,taking magnificent photos and eating a snack before your visit to the beautiful city of Ioulis. Our main purpose is to adjust the character of our cruises to the choices of our guests. So you will decide if you want to spend more time on a secluded bay for swimming, or if you wish to visit Ioulis and have lunch there before our return to Olympic Marine.
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