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Sunset at Cape Sounio

Sailing escapes to the Golden Sceneries of Greece

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Temple of Poseidon

God of the Sea at Sounio, is one of the most inspiring memorable sights in Greece. From the moment one first spies the tall elegant columns, while approaching Sounio along the Attic coast, the ancient temple’s ruins elicit awe. The sound of the wind calms the mind… The magnificent panoramic view of Aegean Sea calms the heart…

God Poseidon

He was very important for ancient Greeks, and the scale of the Temple at Cape Sounio reflects that. The temple has long played an important part in Greek mythology and history. The first recorded mention of it occurs in the Odyssey, as the last safe landing, before Poseidon scattered the returning Greek navy.

After your visit to the Temple, you will admire, one of the most amazing sunsets you could ever imagine as the sun begins slowly to touch the sea…


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